Monday, October 02, 2006

LaKiesha's Bio:

LaKiesha Golden is a performing artist of more than ten years with a specialization in Congolese African Dance, Central African. Currently, Ms. Golden is an Artist in Residence, teaching dance in Oakland Unified School District high schools via Dimensions Dance Theater. At the end of each school year, she co-produces a community concert that is performed by the high school students. LaKiesha has most recently been one of the core members of "Fua Dia Congo" Dance Company, which means "heritage of the Congo", directed by the late Malonga Casquelourd in Oakland, CA. Among many performances in the local area, she has performed for events such as Carijama, Art and Soul Festival, Les Collages des Africans, and the Black Choreographers Festival. Also, LaKiesha was featured in a contemporary Congolese (Soukous) music video that was released in the summer 2005 entitled "Knockout" by Shimita El Diego, she was the choreographer for the production as well.

Previous to residing in Oakland, CA, LaKiesha's dancing career was dedicated to Bichini Bia Congo Dance Theatre, which means "dancers of the Congo", directed by Biza Sompa in Ann Arbor, MI. She was the Director's Assistant and lead member for four of the six years she studied with the company. LaKiesha was the Assistant Choreographer for "Liyanja", a theatrical work produced by Bichini Bia Congo at the University of Michigan's True Blood Theatre in 1999. In the same year, she also choreographed a dance segment in the play, "A Woman Called Truth" at Eastern Michigan University. Among many performances in the Michigan area, Ms. Golden has performed at The Ark (Ann Arbor), Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity's Miss Black and Gold Pageant (Ypsilanti), the annual Afro-World Festival (Detroit), Medical College of Ohio (Toledo), and Lisanga Ya Bato Dance Camp in New York.

Astonishingly, LaKiesha had the opportunity of studying Congolese dance and culture in Congo-Brazza (RC), Central Africa in 2005 and in Paris, France in 2002 and 2003. Due to living in the Midwest, Ms. Golden also learned an urban style of Ballroom Dance that she gained a great passion for. Among training through Congolese and other African dance classes, LaKiesha has had experience with other forms of dance such as Afro-Haitian, Salsa, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Modern, Dancehall, and a mid-western form of Ballroom dance.


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You go Girl!! Aduni

IMANI said...

I am really enjoying your dance class it is well taught, has great drummers and is rally helping me to build my school. thank you so much Lakiesha. Keep it up Girl the community appreciates your light. Beacuse through dance you are teaching culture history and history.

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Sorry about the mispelling I was rushing : )

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go Bichini!!!!!

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Thanks for posting your comments. They are truly motivating. I love the support.

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I reside in michigan.I have no dance experience .I was wondering where I could learn soukous dance.My email address is