Monday, October 21, 2013


Greetings Dance Community,

The big life event of my weekend aside from an upcoming birthday, the Congolese Dance and Drum Festival 2013: BIAMVU BIA KONGO (meaning Bridges of the Congo) took place October 11-13, 2013 at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, Oakland, CA,  and for this, I must say THANKS! MATONDO to the community near and far, the new faces, the youth, those who just observed, those who asked questions about the festival, those there in spirit, those who told anyone about it, passed on a flyer, email, or other type of message, those who came to help/support the drumming, the Vendors, the Malonga Center staff, the City of Oakland CFP, Dimensions Dance Theater, my helpers:Gabriela, Tyese, Asatu, Denise Pate Pearson, CB, Jumoke, Rhowana, (hope I didn't forget anyone, didn't mean to), and most definitely to the BIAMVU BIA KONGO festival artists who are all amazing and some of the best at their craft: the elder of the festival and the person if I had to choose only one, who I credit as my teacher--Biza Sompa, Makaya "Kayos", Loubayi, Balekita, Armel, Teber Milandou-Sita, Mampouya (EXTRA Matondo to the drummers because they rocked it, Nobody does it like the Congo when it comes to singing and drumming, gotta LOVE it!) Colette Eloi, Laure Fleurentin, Cassy Joseph & Haitian Drummer Crew, Javier Gordillo Barrera, Pedro Rosales, and Braulio Barrera. Can't do it without you!!! Please inbox me with your email address if I don't have it to get a survey, which will be going out this week to get your thoughts/comments about the festival. Otherwise, expect it to be sent on the SF and Santa Cruz yahoo groups and/or your email listed on the sign-in sheets. Save the Dates for CDDF 2014:BIAMVU BIA KONGO, tentatively September (3rd or 4th weekend)! Please let me know if anything else annual happens at that time. MATONDO!!!!

F.Y.I., as tired as I am, it's not over yet....BREAKING THE SILENCE CONGO WEEK is October 20-26, 2013, look for various events around the Bay Area, Cultural Arts of Gold may be hosting a candlelight vigil and lecture and/or film showing next Thursday, 10/24, 6p-7:30p at the Malonga Center, update to post soon....Attached are a couple of pics from BIAMVU BIA KONGO with the PERUvian connection on Friday, 10/11/13......more pics to come at a later date....maybe I'll get to rest at least a little now...hmm. Please return all surveys to the address listed below or return them to this email address. Thanks.

Malonga Center, 1428 Alice Street, 2nd floor, Oakland 94612
Sun., 10/20/13: Mbayero and LaKiesha, $15
See you on the dance floor!

In Dance,
LaKiesha Golden, Coordinator

Congolese Dance and Drum Festival
c/o LaKiesha Golden
P. O. BOX 18576
Oakland, CA 94619

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